Stuck in a foundation rut

We find our favourite foundation. We stick to it. Is this a bad thing? Should we change our foundation like we should change our shampoo?

Foundation is an expensive beauty product to experiment with, which could be the reason we loyally stick to our fave! Even if we’re starting to find faults with our trusty staple we’ll just stick to it because it has done the job for so long now.

My loyal foundation is MAC Studio Fix Fluid. We have been partners for so long now, I would feel as if I have cheated if I tried a new foundation. It is a great foundation but should I ditch my long term lover for another product or will it just be a short fling before I go back to my devoted life partner…Beauty Predicament!


No make up…a reflection of intelligence?

Sometimes I feel like there is a stigma when it comes to wearing make up and being a make up lover. Dumb, self-obsessed, vain, shallow are a few words that have been associated with people like myself who take time to apply make up and are genuinely interested in beauty.

I have even done a friends make up before which she has removed before going out because she didn’t want to look too self obsessed. Does a bare face make you look more intelligent? Everybody makes judgement on appearance and first impressions but does intelligence come into question when you wear make up?

I would love to do a survey of made up vs. bare faces and see what people think in relation to intelligence!!

I do actually think people shouldn’t worry what people think! kim_kardashian_without_make_up_jpeg-1920x1200

Does Kimmy K look more intelligent bare-faced??

Please just tell me…


Walking around, smiling, chatting…blissfully unaware of the blotch of lipstick covering my teeth. Would you tell someone? A friend, a stranger?

I am definitely a bad perpetrator of this. I just cannot tell someone! It happened just the other day when a colleague had a very bad case of lipstick teeth. By telling her I would’ve become so much more embarrassed than she would’ve been. So I did it, I did what I would hate people to do to me…I didn’t tell her. I just let her carry on with her day being blissfully unaware of the red smudges over her teeth until she would later check herself in the mirror and worry about how long she’d been smiling at everyone with an awkward lipstick smudge making everyone else feel just as awkward as they would battle with their conscience wondering, ‘do I, don’t I tell her?’

As hard as it is, I know make a pledge to…tell them! Personally, I would rather just know! The thought of walking around all day with lipstick teeth looking like an old woman with a shaky hand fills me with dread! So from this day on I promise to all you poor people with lipstick teeth that I will tell you and please do the same in return!!