Do we really know our skin type?


I always thought I had really oily skin. In my teen years I was prone to spots and always thought of myself as shiny. I just assumed that my skin type had not changed as I entered my early twenties.

However, I recently had a skin diagnostic from Ioma at Boots. They use all sorts of devices to diagnose if your skin is too dry, too exfoliated or has any fine lines. They are trying to sell you their extremely expensive products of course, but the skin diagnostic is free and you are not obliged to buy anything so my advice would be have it done then go get some cheaper products based on what they said!

I was used to exfoliating like crazy to get rid of imperfections and used matte moisturisers as I was convinced my skin was oily. I was so wrong and my skin is actually very dry! It’s crazy to think how many of us are mis-diagnosing our skin types.

I feel like a lot of people just automatically think they have combination skin. It’s like deciding between large and small…oh I’ll just go for medium. But there is so much more we need to take into account with our skincare.

I recently found a great Youtube video to try and diagnose your own skin type if you don’t want to search out an Ioma stand in your nearest Boots.


Gym Make Up

So it’s nearly time for summer holidays so naturally I have been slaving away at the gym desperate to get bikini ready!

It is a bit of a joke amongst my friends that I wear makeup everywhere, and the gym is no exception. However, recently I have been noticing all these natural bare-faced beauties looking really serious and professional at the gym. I want to be one of them!! I just don’t have the guts! Too scared of enforcing my bare face on anyone, I parade to the gym in my everyday makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner the lot) but still worry if people are looking at me judging my made up face.

I have been reading so many articles recently about people challenging themselves to going makeup free for two week and I sit here in cold sweats at the thought. Am I a makeup addict?? Is it harder for girls in their early twenties to have the confidence to go without makeup?

So here’s a picture of me about to go to the gym. I’m actually ashamed to say I’ve even contoured. A memory of Kim Kardashian wearing makeup to the gym in a episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my only saving grace (kind-of).

gym makeup article

Orange Lips for the summer!


Summer is approaching which means time to bring out those bright lips. This orange colour has been a favourite of mine for ages. It’s No.7 at Boots Stay Perfect Lipstick in ‘Gay Geranium’ and stays put all day or night. It’s matte but doesn’t dry out your lips due to its creamy formula!

I hate shopping around and wasting money on tons of lipsticks I won’t wear twice, so if you’re looking for a great must-have lipstick for summer, this is the one for you!

Is it time for a new do?


I feel like there is definitely unwritten rules of what hairstyles to not have when you’re a certain age. Long dyed blonde hair in you’re fifties isn’t something we see everyday.

So I’m just about to graduate and my student budget has meant my hair hasn’t been in contact with a hairdresser in the past year. The last haircut I had was in China and it cost me £3. I was left with horrifically blunt ends but for £3 I wasn’t complaining too much.

My previously highlighted blonde hair has now grown out so much people have been complimenting me on my new ombre look, which I’m totally rolling with! My hair is fairly long and has no real style to it. Now I am entering the grown up world of work should I have a more grown up hairstyle? What is a professional hairstyle? I don’t want to look boring but I want to look like I can conquer the professional working world! Does shorter mean more business-like? Is the mid-length more responsible? Perhaps I just need a good trim…

What are your thoughts??

Bigger, Longer, Better Lashes…My Favourite Mascara Duo

Opulash_Optimum_Black_La_mascara_de_MAC_2 MACPrep_and_Prime_Lash

So usually when a sales assistant offers me a product that helps an already expensive product work better I am a little bit dubious. But a few years ago I was makeup shopping at duty free and buckled at the sales assistants promise that this mascara primer would endlessly enhance the mascara I was about to buy.

Since then the MAC lash prep and prime (£13) and MAC Opulash Optimum Black mascara (£14.50) has been my absolute favourite. I think they are quite reasonably priced as well, with many other premium brands selling mascaras around £20-£25.

Completely easy to use, first use the primer to coat the lashes and then the mascara! What I love about this mascara as well is that you don’t need to use loads, unlike some mascaras which take coats and coats to see the product working. This also keeps the lashes looking natural and separated. I have used just the mascara to see if the primer works and when used with the primer I can notice a visible difference. This mascara doesn’t flake or smudge, I even wore it into the steam room and sauna today at the gym and it did not move an inch!

Whenever a friend is looking for a new mascara I urge them to buy this as I think it’s so great!

Just to show how great the primer works…I have use it on the eye on the right but not the left and there is definitely a difference!


Bargain Everyday Lipstick


I am an avid lipstick wearer everyday. It completes a look and gives me a fuller pout. I think an everyday nude is a staple for everyone but a killer to find! So many times I’ve brought a nude too light so I look like I have tried to make the foundation lips trend work again.

In need of an everyday colour I picked up a Rimmel lipstick in a colour called Asia. It was about £5.50 and I absolutely love the shade. I always get loads of compliments when I wear it which is always good too!

So if you’re in need of a great everyday lipstick I would recommend this, it provides the perfect amount of moisture to make my lips look soft with a slight sheen.