The favourite step in your make up routine…we all have one!


I was just watching vlog and the vlogger mentioned that her favourite step in her makeup routine was putting on blusher.

It is so true when it comes to doing our makeup there are stages we love and stages we dread.  For me personally, I love to contour. After all the hard work is done after applying and blending foundation and powder then the fun can really start with the contouring process where the face starts to come alive.

The stage I dread, I’m sure many of you can relate to me… it has to be the eyebrows. Sisters not twins but it is still so frustrating when one is higher than the other…how does that even happen?

I would love this know what your most and least favourite stages in your makeup routine are!


23 thoughts on “The favourite step in your make up routine…we all have one!

  1. Love doing my foundation…it’s so satisfying seeing my skin go from sad to glam! I HATE doing mascara! Takes forever, always goes all over my face and I always poke myself in the eye!!

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    1. Yes I love seeing my skin transform too! Foundation does make such a difference and instantly gives me confidence! And yes, I don’t think I have ever applied mascara without having to do a bit of a clear up after! xxx


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