Review…Philosophy Micro-delivery Peel


At around £60, this skincare product is a bit on the pricey side. If I’m going to invest in something this expensive I like to know it actually works, which means reading up on review and trying to get some samples! Philosophy always have loads of samples to give out, as do many other brand counters so don’t be afraid to ask to try before you buy!!

So I don’t always believe in before and after photos so I have done my own for this product, using the same lighting, same everything to see if there was any difference after using this product.

phiosphy micro deliv

Sorry about my peculiar attire. Here is my before (left) and after I photo from using the micro-delivery peel. I do notice a slight difference and I felt a big difference in the texture of my skin. It felt silky soft and resurfaced after using the peel.

I love the idea of this product – a salon treatment you can use at home for a fraction of the price (works out just under £5 per peel which you do once a week which lasts 12 weeks). Boys can use it too, so why not share this one with your boyfriend?


5 thoughts on “Review…Philosophy Micro-delivery Peel

  1. I used this a few years back and you definitely feel ‘buffed’ and ‘polished’ afterwards. It’s not as harsh or scary as the word ‘peel’ may suggest. I stopped buying it as it became quite expensive and it wasn’t that easy to get in the UK at the time. You have prompted me to look at Philosophy again as I just found out they are stocking it at my local department store now. Like you I like to sample and read reviews before I buy and whilst the internet is great for reviews its not so great for trying before you buy. Philosophy do great smelling bath and shower gels – I used to love The Gingerbread Man one. x

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