Diva Curls


I’m usually a straight and sleek kind of girl when it comes to my hair but every now and then I like to release my inner Beyonce and have huge diva curls. I love big hair and it makes a nice change from the day to day look.


So in this picture I have used the BaByliss 2285CU Curling Wand Pro Styler which costs £25. To use this I section my hair as normal then take smaller sections and twist round the wand, hold in place for a few seconds and then release to reveal a springy curl. I then repeat for my the rest of my hair.

This wand does get really hot so I definitely recommend using the glove that comes with the pack to hold to hair in place as it is wrapped around the wand. After doing the whole head of head I sometimes look like a dodgy 90’s pop star so I comb the curls out a little and backcomb the roots for extra volume.

A lot of my friends use this wand and at £25 it’s such a steal to change up your everyday look once in a while!! They’re super easy to use as well and the curls stay put for ages. Mine last for a few days once I’ve curled them!


7 thoughts on “Diva Curls

  1. The grass is always greener, Girlfriend! On days when I want a sleek look, my hair wants to be curly and vice-a-versa. You pull off your bouncy locks with lots of panache. Stunning. Simply stunning.

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