Do we really know our skin type?


I always thought I had really oily skin. In my teen years I was prone to spots and always thought of myself as shiny. I just assumed that my skin type had not changed as I entered my early twenties.

However, I recently had a skin diagnostic from Ioma at Boots. They use all sorts of devices to diagnose if your skin is too dry, too exfoliated or has any fine lines. They are trying to sell you their extremely expensive products of course, but the skin diagnostic is free and you are not obliged to buy anything so my advice would be have it done then go get some cheaper products based on what they said!

I was used to exfoliating like crazy to get rid of imperfections and used matte moisturisers as I was convinced my skin was oily. I was so wrong and my skin is actually very dry! It’s crazy to think how many of us are mis-diagnosing our skin types.

I feel like a lot of people just automatically think they have combination skin. It’s like deciding between large and small…oh I’ll just go for medium. But there is so much more we need to take into account with our skincare.

I recently found a great Youtube video to try and diagnose your own skin type if you don’t want to search out an Ioma stand in your nearest Boots.


17 thoughts on “Do we really know our skin type?

  1. I was just like you.. very oily when I was younger and I never thought anything about it until reading this and just assumed that face washes just dry me out.. hehe… now I’ll look into it more. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I have a dermatologist I see about twice a year to check for any photoaging. I wear sunscreen daily, so far so good. I do have combination skin. That’s only after I moved to the northwest. When I lived on the east coast my skin was more oily.

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