Gym Make Up

So it’s nearly time for summer holidays so naturally I have been slaving away at the gym desperate to get bikini ready!

It is a bit of a joke amongst my friends that I wear makeup everywhere, and the gym is no exception. However, recently I have been noticing all these natural bare-faced beauties looking really serious and professional at the gym. I want to be one of them!! I just don’t have the guts! Too scared of enforcing my bare face on anyone, I parade to the gym in my everyday makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner the lot) but still worry if people are looking at me judging my made up face.

I have been reading so many articles recently about people challenging themselves to going makeup free for two week and I sit here in cold sweats at the thought. Am I a makeup addict?? Is it harder for girls in their early twenties to have the confidence to go without makeup?

So here’s a picture of me about to go to the gym. I’m actually ashamed to say I’ve even contoured. A memory of Kim Kardashian wearing makeup to the gym in a episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my only saving grace (kind-of).

gym makeup article


17 thoughts on “Gym Make Up

  1. I think the gym is the best place to go makeup free! Anyone who goes is there to focus on themselves, so they may look to see when you have finished using a machine, but other than that it’s really not a usual thing for people to check who is wearing makeup or not. I don’t look at anyone, I want to get in and get out. I never wear makeup to the gym as I think it’s a waste of my money to then sweat and get a shower….but if that’s what makes you feel comfortable then rock it! Maybe you should take the challenge, everyone feels better with makeup on, but you should deffo go without and embrace the natural beauty you already have 🙂 xx

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  2. I only wear makeup to the gym if I already have it on and I also need it on after. I’ll shower neck down and just touch up makeup! I can’t imagine having to do my full face makeup twice a day. If I have no plans after the gym, I will go to the gym with a makeup free face though!

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  3. aww.. well i’m in my 20s and i don’t wear makeup a lot. most days when i work i don’t wear anything at all! maybe just to conceal some pimples here and there but most of the time nothing! but don’t be ashamed of wearing makeup. shoot, if i had the time i’d do it a lot more.

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  4. Like you, I have been super nervous about going makeup free this summer. I have started slowly but surely eliminate makeup from my daily routine but it def takes guts. Everyone at my work keeps asking if I am sick, crying, or tired…’s embarrassing. However, I think now after a month people are getting used to it, as am I. You should rock it girl! You are beautiful as is! 🙂

    Thanks for checking out my blog as well

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