Is it time for a new do?


I feel like there is definitely unwritten rules of what hairstyles to not have when you’re a certain age. Long dyed blonde hair in you’re fifties isn’t something we see everyday.

So I’m just about to graduate and my student budget has meant my hair hasn’t been in contact with a hairdresser in the past year. The last haircut I had was in China and it cost me £3. I was left with horrifically blunt ends but for £3 I wasn’t complaining too much.

My previously highlighted blonde hair has now grown out so much people have been complimenting me on my new ombre look, which I’m totally rolling with! My hair is fairly long and has no real style to it. Now I am entering the grown up world of work should I have a more grown up hairstyle? What is a professional hairstyle? I don’t want to look boring but I want to look like I can conquer the professional working world! Does shorter mean more business-like? Is the mid-length more responsible? Perhaps I just need a good trim…

What are your thoughts??


15 thoughts on “Is it time for a new do?

  1. Great post, I actually love your hair how it is! Definitely looks like a perfect ombre! 😉 If you have the time, I’d be forever grateful if you could fill in the short questionnaire on my blog – it’s to help me set up a beauty storage business, so answers from other beauty lovers would be so appreciated!
    Emma xxx

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  2. I love your hair as it is! It demands what sort of area you want to work in, but I think as long as you hair is looked after (trimmed etc) and not dyed any colour too whacky, you should be fine! Many check out what others’ hair styles are like in the area you want to work in? That would be my advice 🙂 xo

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  3. I love your hair the way it is! It’s really cute and I can totally see the ombre thing you have going for you. If you really wanted to change it, i would do a medium length cut, with lots of layers and some brown throughout. I think that something like this ( ) would look really cute! It’s a very easy style to keep up with! I also think that it’s perfect for women your age! (: Good luck!

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  4. I totally understand where you are coming from! I hadn’t cut my hair for around more than a year I believe and it was long and had no specific cut/shape. I literally had it up to my mid back yes it was loooong. I decided I needed a change and a haircut! So I treated myself to a salon date ❤ I retouched my roots to match my hair because like yours my then bleached hair was growing back golden brown and my roots were dark brown so I would get compliments too on the 'ombre' hair lol. I also cut it kinda short but not too short. I felt like it went with spring/summer because of the length I showered her this picture and she gave me exactly that! The only difference was she framed my face and she gave me whispies as she called it. Ugh I looove it ❤ I feel more fresh and like a new person lol. Not to mention I felt a little more 'grown up' lol. I'm 23. 🙂 I think this cut would also look lovely on you! Sorry for the long post 😛 got carried away lol.

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    1. No worries, loved reading your insight and glad to know I’m not the only one not getting a hair cut for a year haha!! That picture is gorgeous and I do agree I think a bit shorter and nice and trim feels more grown up! I usually just ask for as little off as possible on my occasional trips to the hairdresser!! I think it’s time I get my hairdresser appointment booked…

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