Bigger, Longer, Better Lashes…My Favourite Mascara Duo

Opulash_Optimum_Black_La_mascara_de_MAC_2 MACPrep_and_Prime_Lash

So usually when a sales assistant offers me a product that helps an already expensive product work better I am a little bit dubious. But a few years ago I was makeup shopping at duty free and buckled at the sales assistants promise that this mascara primer would endlessly enhance the mascara I was about to buy.

Since then the MAC lash prep and prime (£13) and MAC Opulash Optimum Black mascara (£14.50) has been my absolute favourite. I think they are quite reasonably priced as well, with many other premium brands selling mascaras around £20-£25.

Completely easy to use, first use the primer to coat the lashes and then the mascara! What I love about this mascara as well is that you don’t need to use loads, unlike some mascaras which take coats and coats to see the product working. This also keeps the lashes looking natural and separated. I have used just the mascara to see if the primer works and when used with the primer I can notice a visible difference. This mascara doesn’t flake or smudge, I even wore it into the steam room and sauna today at the gym and it did not move an inch!

Whenever a friend is looking for a new mascara I urge them to buy this as I think it’s so great!

Just to show how great the primer works…I have use it on the eye on the right but not the left and there is definitely a difference!



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