Beach Make-Up…It’s a tricky one

For those of us who hate going without make-up, holidays can be a tricky time. We still want to look good on the beach but wearing everyday makeup in the boiling heat whilst frolicking in the sea can leave us looking like a greasy mess. Sunglasses marks, patchy foundation, panda eyes ..why can’t we look like a flawless Victoria secrets model with a fresh bronzed glow whilst effortlessly strolling in the perfectly formed waves at our feet and laughing over our shoulder, looking just the right amount of cute and sexy. I can dream.

So I may not be Candice Swanepoel’s replacement anytime soon but I am going to give it my best shot. I usually use MAC studio fix foundation but this is way too heavy for the hot sun on holiday. I have found a holiday replacement and I’m super excited!

Introducing…Bare Minerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen.

So this is designed as a SPF for face and body but it’s works at providing coverage and comes in three shades to add to your holiday glow. It doesn’t clog your pores so no messy cakey face disasters!! It says you can wear it over or under other make-up but I plan on just wearing this, a touch of waterproof mascara and I’m beach ready!!

Now get me on that beach!!



6 thoughts on “Beach Make-Up…It’s a tricky one

    1. Yeah I think it will, Bare Minerals is great and really breathable, the product is handbag size so can easily be topped up throughout the day just as you would top up sunscreen!! I hate putting oily sun creams on my face so this is the perfect alternative and is only £25 xxx

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  1. On the rare occasion I do go to the beach, I’m all about a facial 50 SPF, a big wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses. I use to do waterproof mascara, but it’s too hard to get off. I’m old so I basically don’t give a rats ass! Ha!

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