Why is my skin so dehydrated??

waterhope in jar dry

Recently, my make-up has started to feel a bit cakey so I thought I’d invest in a better moisturiser. I’ve been using Philosophy’s hope in a jar for dry skin and it is great and my skin does feel super moisturised!

I work on a skincare brand and am always walking around my department store looking at other products available. There is a brand called Ioma (it’s French and quite unheard of) but they have a device to measure how moisturised your skin is. I am obsessed with it, every week I go and see if my skin is any more hydrated. But it never is!! I always get the result that I have extremely dehydrated skin even though I have changed my skincare and my skin does feels more hydrated.

I have now convinced myself it could be not drinking as much water as I should be that’s causing my skin to be so dehydrated. So I am now on a mission to drink 8 big glasses of water a day and see if that makes a difference…

Has anyone else tried this?? What are your recommendations?? Would love to hear from you…


11 thoughts on “Why is my skin so dehydrated??

  1. Hydration should start from the inside. You should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water a day. Here is the real deal though, your body needs more than water, it also needs electrolytes. Otherwise you just drink and drink and then urinate out all that water. Your body needs electrolytes to be able to retain some of that moisture. Fresh Coconut water is a really good source. You can also buy water with electrolytes at the grocery store. No matter what creams you use, it will never really correct the problem if you have some dehydration.

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  2. For sure massively up your water intake, it sounds insane but I drink a little over a gallon of water a day and my skin looks a million times better than it used to, I’ve been doing that for almost 2 years now and my skin is different than it used to be, it looks a million times better now

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