The Little Pot of Industrial Coverage


I introduce to you…my favourite concealer: Studio Finish MAC Concealer.

My main demand from base make up products is coverage. I love having a flawless finish, which means hiding blemishes and banishing dark circles. I do suffer from quite dark circles under my eyes and this completely gets rid of them. I recommend this to everyone looking for a great concealer. The little pot is only £15.50 and last around 6 months which is great value for money. It will probably last you even longer as I don’t tend to use make up products very sparingly.

I apply this with a concealer brush then blend with my MAC dual fibre foundation brush. I get the concealer in two colours – one that matches my foundation to cover blemishes over the face, and a lighter one for under the eyes which helps brighten the look of the eyes instead of getting a dulling effect which might be the case when you use the same colour concealer as your foundation.

This product also has great reviews on the MAC website which always influence my decision when buying a new product!

Here’s just a little photo showing one eye with the concealer on and one eye without!!



10 thoughts on “The Little Pot of Industrial Coverage

  1. Why can’t I have a MAC store here? 😦 I’ve read about this concealer and I’ve seen it do a fabulous job in covering blemishes and whatnot. I need this!

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      1. I live in Germany. Even in the city I live close to, no MAC whatsoever! The one closest to here is 2 hours away. They’re so much cheaper in the US. A MAC lipstick here is 25 euros ($27)


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