Summer make up crisis


This cake may look nice, but it doesn’t seem so pretty when it resembles your face.

I need to re-think my make up, all of it, I’m having a crisis, a summer make up melt down..literally!

I am a bit prone to shiny skin but this is getting ridiculous. I wear a primer, MAC foundation and powder and all the other usual bits, but the base is my problem. After a bit of time in the sun I can see the make up on my skin. It looks cakey, I don’t look polished. It maybe the increase in temperature causing my base make up to feel so thick. Like I want to run home and remove this grubby layer from my skin.

I think it’s time for a summer make up over haul. I need to sort it and need to sort it soon.

Has anyone else had this trouble?

An extremely panicked, Louise. Xxx


14 thoughts on “Summer make up crisis

  1. Hi Louise! I feel your pain! I have such a hard time finding base that suits me! I am always changing my products because of this problem, I dont know if its change in the temperature but I feel so much better knowing that Im not the only one :’) If you find something lightweight let me know xxxx

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  2. Try the Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Wear Foundation. This goes on really sheer, and if you set it with Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder it should stay in place, and works well in the heat. The only issue is it’s expensive, but it works and lasts for at least 12 hours.

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