Eyelash Curlers…The forgotten make up tool?


After seeing loads of reviews about Benefit’s roller lash which has emphasised the importance of a great curl on your lashes, I feel like I’ve had a bit of a crisis with mine. There’s something missing with my lashes, we’re not connecting how we used to and it’s becoming unsettling.

I’ve been using Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara and I like it. Don’t love it, but it does the job. It was probably on a 3 for 2 offer when my student loan was running low so I went for the bargain buy. But recently I’ve noticed my lashes have just lost their curl, they stick out instead of up.

What is missing…eye lash curlers!

I used to use some but for the past year or so they’re missing from my make up bag and have never been replaced. They do seem a bit 90’s to me. A bit of an old fashioned beauty tool. But I think we need to bring them back, get back my long curled lashes. The original. It does the job. A lot of mascaras claim to get the curl in your lashes but I’m not sure I always believe the hype.

I would love to know if anyone else still uses eye lash curlers? Am I the only one who’s lost and never replaced this traditional beauty tool?

I’m off to buy some!

Louise xxx


17 thoughts on “Eyelash Curlers…The forgotten make up tool?

  1. oh my god I love my curler! It is battery powered and heats up the bit that curls your lashes? lol 😀 anyways it is pure awesomeness and lashes are so much more curled than with normal curlers, I think. I recommend it!

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      1. I will take a look! I always used to use them but I feel like I didn’t notice how much they worked until I’ve stopped using them for so long! Off to invest in some this weekend, will report the difference! xx

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  2. I’ve never done my eyelashes without using my eyelash curler. I legitimately think it’s a crime not to curl before applying mascara. When I first started watching Youtube vids I thought it was bizarre that most girls didn’t use an eyelash curler lol (the ones who didn’t wear falsies).

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