5 Make- Up Products You Couldn’t Live Without.

It’s a toughie! From the overloaded contents of your make up bag, choosing 5 is a hard task.

For me, I’ve chosen one around key features of my face. Strategic thinking I know!

1. Foundation…coverage coverage coverage! For people less than happy with their skin, coverage = confidence!

2. Bronzer…contour and colour! Add a little glow to my face and can double up as a blusher. Thinking with my head and not my heart on this one!

3. Brows…brows frame your face and add definition. A great brow product has to be in my top five, I’d feel naked without it!

4. Mascara..I can’t be having powdery coloured lashes now can I? I’m sure this would be in a lot of people’s top 5, it is a must for any make up lover. Opens up your eyes and give you great fluttery lashes.

5. Lipliner..My less than pouty au natural lips need a little defining. Can double this up as a lip colour too. My face doesn’t feel finished without a little lip attention.

If you had to choose just 5 make up products to use forever, what would they be? I would love to know!!

Louise xxxx


4 thoughts on “5 Make- Up Products You Couldn’t Live Without.

  1. OMG, no matter how many tiny makeup bags I buy and SWEAR I’ll use, they keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger . . . Thanks for your thoughtful advice. My Five are Mascara, Powder/foundation, blush, brow liner (could double as eyeliner, right?) and lipstick.

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