Make Up Starter Kit.

I was reading an article on about a starter kit for make up newbies and thought what a great idea! Often I do people’s make up and they are asking me about all the products I’m using so they can re-create the look by themselves. For a beginner it may be hard to get to grips with every product and every brush so this seems like the perfect way to help!!

I do tend to think every single product I use is an absolute staple so I will try to cut it down as much as possible!

1. I would always advise a great primer or moisturiser – it makes make up stay on longer and make your skin feel great. I recommend MAC prep and prime!

2. Foundation & concealer – I use both MAC studio fix but depending on how much coverage you like I know that Maybelline BB cream is a great alternative to someone who doesn’t want a heavy layer of foundation.

3. Blusher – blusher just makes you look more alive and is so easy to apply. I think it’s easy to find a great blusher as well. I have tried most brands and never found one that I was really disappointed in. It just about finding a great colour for your skin.

4. Brows – I cannot get enough of Benefit brow zing, I know there is a lot of cheaper versions available now which I plan to try to see if they are as good as Benefit but no matter what your brows are like, a little definition always enhances your over-all make up look.

Eyes – I would recommend a light brown eye shadow to add depth to the eyelid. You can pick up a cheap one for about £2. A pencil eyeliner is much easier to work with as you don’t have to be as precise and these are also so cheap! Finally, a mascara! I always think you should look at your eye type before buying a mascara. I have big eyes so love big bristly brush, whereas my mum has small eyes with shorter lashes so I always recommend her getting a skinnier, plastic brush so she can be more precise.

Tools – for a starter kit I would recommend a foundation brush (love MAC duo fibre brush), blusher brush (MAC contour angled brush) and an eyeshadow brush (MAC eyeshadow brush) which is the perfect size for all eye lids!!

Hope this is helpful to any make up beginners!

Louise xx



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