The Power of Make-up…Before and After!


I have never shown anyone a picture of me without make up on before but I do love how make up can transform how you look and feel about yourself. I love doing other people’s make up and often see their confidence grow as soon as their new look.

So this is me before and after make up (no filters on either). I have always suffered from bad skin growing up and I now have really sensitive skin and such an uneven skin tone, so I don’t go anywhere without make up on! I have applied fake tan to my chest area in the second photo as I am soooo pale (hurry up summer) and it really improves the look of my skin.

Sorry about my lairy dressing gown!!

Louise xxx


13 thoughts on “The Power of Make-up…Before and After!

  1. I think you look absolutely gorgeous in both huni, however I completely understand the confidence makeup gives us all, I struggle without wearing mine! Really should let me skin breathe for a day or two without it 🙂 Karen x

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