BIG lips…The new brow?

I feel like make up products and trends have come on heaps in the past few years.

Looking airbrushed with the perfect brow and contoured cheeks has become an everyday look. Now we have all sorted out our brows after the huge HD phenomenon, I have noticed recently how there is a big trend of having big and beautiful lips. I don’t have the biggest lips in the world so I am constantly trying new products to get that Kylie Jenner pout! Even among my friends we’re all talking about how we’re trying to get that fuller pout. From DIY lip plumping formulas to putting a glass over your mouth (weird one I know).

I am now on a quest to find some great lip enhancing products. My go to ‘can not live with product’ is a lip liner. It makes your whole make up look so much more polished as well as enhancing your pout. I have been using a Rimmel one which I love but plan on having a shop around to see if I can see differences in different brands. Kylie Jenner queen of the enlarged lips…eat your heart out.



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