REVIEW: Sleek Blusher…I’m impressed

I hadn’t really heard much about the sleek makeup brand but as I was needing a new blusher I was wandering around the make-up isles and this section caught my eye.

I’d been using a MAC blusher for the past few months and although it was a bit more pricey than what I’d usually pay for a blusher it did last ages! It was now disappearing into the edges of the pot and trying to establish a bit of power on my brush from this dwindling remains was proving harder and harder.

The Sleek stand was full of exciting looking pallets and really reasonably priced. I love a peachy blusher so the shade ‘Life’s a peach’ was speaking out to me. The colour comes out great on my skin, visible but not too over powering. I feel like you get a lot of product for your money as well – which is even better as it’s only £4.49!!

Here’s the link to their website for some more quality beauty steals….



6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sleek Blusher…I’m impressed

  1. I have their contour palette and its brilliant but the blusher has a shimmer to it so I think I will give this one a try as it seems more natural! Thanks!

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