Battle of the Primers…MAC vs. Rimmel

After being a devoted user of MAC’s Prep and Prime Skin, I thought it may be time for a change. Interested to see how a cheaper primer would compare I brought Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Primer. I always see articles on how cheaper products are just as good so was excited to see if I was onto a money saving winner.

However, this was definitely not the case. Application of the Rimmel primer was easy but the consistency of the product felt a lot less thick. After a day of wearing it I noticed my make up did not stay on nearly as well and looked cakey in some areas of my face.

In comparison to the MAC primer – I had been using this product for so long it was getting to the stage where I was questioning what it was doing. At £21 it lasts me about 3 months of wearing it everyday. After using a different primer I now know it definitely does the job and is a product worth having. The formula is glittery and thick and makes your face feel so soft. Make up eases onto your skin and I often got compliments about how flawless my skin looked when I wore this as a base for my make up. My make up lasted longer and did not look cakey in any areas around my face.

As much as it’s nice finding a beauty steal, in this instance the more expensive product is definitely better and I shall we returning to my trusty MAC primer!



3 thoughts on “Battle of the Primers…MAC vs. Rimmel

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, I was literally about to pick this up this weekend as I’m out of primer and thought this would be the perfect one seeing as I use the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation! So disappointed it’s not what I’d hoped for 😦 Thanks for the honest review huni! Karen xo

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