Stuck in a foundation rut

We find our favourite foundation. We stick to it. Is this a bad thing? Should we change our foundation like we should change our shampoo?

Foundation is an expensive beauty product to experiment with, which could be the reason we loyally stick to our fave! Even if we’re starting to find faults with our trusty staple we’ll just stick to it because it has done the job for so long now.

My loyal foundation is MAC Studio Fix Fluid. We have been partners for so long now, I would feel as if I have cheated if I tried a new foundation. It is a great foundation but should I ditch my long term lover for another product or will it just be a short fling before I go back to my devoted life partner…Beauty Predicament!



8 thoughts on “Stuck in a foundation rut

  1. Absolutely! I have at least two shades of the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and then I have Bareminerals Bareskin oh and there is one from E.L.F and the Bareminerals powder foundation. The point I am trying to make here is that your skin is constantly changing and so should your foundation. I switch it up depending on what the season is, what the occasion is and most importantly the condition my skin is in. Let us know if you do change! Xx


  2. Such a valid point and I’ve often thought about this dilemma too – there are so many foundations out there I’d love to try but ALWAYS seem to end up buying my regular. I have no idea if it’s a fear or what the heck lol Sorry I’m absolutely no help here whatsover – merely sympathising as I’m in the same boat…. to try or not to try *sigh* 😀 Karen x

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