Please just tell me…


Walking around, smiling, chatting…blissfully unaware of the blotch of lipstick covering my teeth. Would you tell someone? A friend, a stranger?

I am definitely a bad perpetrator of this. I just cannot tell someone! It happened just the other day when a colleague had a very bad case of lipstick teeth. By telling her I would’ve become so much more embarrassed than she would’ve been. So I did it, I did what I would hate people to do to me…I didn’t tell her. I just let her carry on with her day being blissfully unaware of the red smudges over her teeth until she would later check herself in the mirror and worry about how long she’d been smiling at everyone with an awkward lipstick smudge making everyone else feel just as awkward as they would battle with their conscience wondering, ‘do I, don’t I tell her?’

As hard as it is, I know make a pledge to…tell them! Personally, I would rather just know! The thought of walking around all day with lipstick teeth looking like an old woman with a shaky hand fills me with dread! So from this day on I promise to all you poor people with lipstick teeth that I will tell you and please do the same in return!!


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