No make up…a reflection of intelligence?

Sometimes I feel like there is a stigma when it comes to wearing make up and being a make up lover. Dumb, self-obsessed, vain, shallow are a few words that have been associated with people like myself who take time to apply make up and are genuinely interested in beauty.

I have even done a friends make up before which she has removed before going out because she didn’t want to look too self obsessed. Does a bare face make you look more intelligent? Everybody makes judgement on appearance and first impressions but does intelligence come into question when you wear make up?

I would love to do a survey of made up vs. bare faces and see what people think in relation to intelligence!!

I do actually think people shouldn’t worry what people think! kim_kardashian_without_make_up_jpeg-1920x1200

Does Kimmy K look more intelligent bare-faced??


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