The quest for the perfect brow!

I feel like brows have become a huge trend! But when did brows become so important? I remember when I first started wearing make up they didn’t even get a look in, whereas now they’re a focal attraction on my face. I find myself always commenting on people’s brows as well, if I see a good pair of brows walk past I think…’oooh thats a good brow’. It has become a bit of an obsession of mine.

I can safely say I think I have tried most eyebrow services out there: waxing, threading, tinting, the Benefit brow bar and my personal favourite..HD brows. I don’t think you can beat the HD way. I found the Benefit brow bar provided me with the same sort of shape and definition and was cheaper but sitting within a busy shop worrying if people were laughing at the bright red gap in my make up around my brows was always a turn off for me.

THE HD WAY…After thinking I was a brow guru and plucking myself, it came to my attention that one eyebrow was getting noticeably higher than the other at an extremely worrying rate. It was time to see what HD brows could do for me. On my first appointment I was told to go away and do not touch my eyebrows for four weeks. Thinking back to this four weeks my stomach tightens as I remember my eyebrows and the area surrounding them resembling an old man’s hairy toe. I made it through and was so happy with the results! Sitting in a tranquil room it was £30 well spent of being tinted, threaded, plucked, waxed and gaining a symmetrical set of brows.

You can find your nearest HD artist by visiting their website and seeing who is HD trained near you. Places do vary in price and are usually around £20/£30. So I didn’t have to pay £30 every four weeks or so, my brow technician recommended that in between HD treatments I just get a brow tint and wax which is half the price and would still keep the amazing shape and definition. I loved that they wasn’t just trying to get as much money from me as they could so if your HD brow technician hasn’t suggested this, just ask to save yourself some money!

I recommend this all the time to my friends, I just cannot live with knowing there is this amazing treatment out there that could improve their brows and overall face so much. I do feel extremely emotional about this topic!! This is not just for girls either, boys if you are living in fear of the unsightly unibrow then this could be for you! Don’t fear, this will not make you permanently look like you are surprised! I’m so excited about brows I feel like I could write an essay! I’ll talk about my favourite eyebrow products in another post!! Brows, brows, brows!!!!!



2 thoughts on “The quest for the perfect brow!

  1. I admire the humor you pepper your articles with, which makes reading your blog, not only informative, but also entertaining. Keep sharing your witty bon mots and I’ll keep coming back for more. “Thinking back to this four weeks my stomach tightens as I remember my eyebrows and the area surrounding them resembling an old man’s hairy toe.” Your metaphors are both disturbing and delightful. Not an easy … feet. Well done!

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