Make-Up Removal: Cleansing wipes VS. Micellar Cleansing Water

Research suggests that removing make up with cleansing wipes might not be the best way to take care of your skin. However, micellar cleansers are adapted for sensitive skin and a great alternative to gently remove make up.

I feel like advertisements always conceive make up removal to sound so glamorous…’with one gentle sweep of a cotton pad all traces of stubborn make up is effectively removed’. When in reality I’m left with a pile of orange and black cotton pads and make up still appearing on every additional cotton pad I’m gently ‘sweeping’ my face with.

I find that after ten vodkas and a few tequilas, I am lucky if any make up is even attempted to be removed from my face so the quickest method will always be the winner for me.

For me, the easiest and quickest way to remove my make up is with a trusty cleansing wipe. I found that removing make up with cotton pads and cleansing water just took way longer. However, after I have used a cleansing wipe to remove my make up and washed my face with face wash; I use a cotton pad with micellar cleansing water to do one last sweep of my face to make sure every trace is removed. It is actually quite shocking that after all that wiping and washing there is still traces of make up on my face. But finally after this last step of using the cleansing water I can sleep peacefully knowing that every bit of make up has been removed from my face.

Even though I don’t use the micellar cleansing water as my primary make up removal method, I think it is a great product and definitely a beauty staple. There is loads of different versions and the Garnier one that I use is such a steal at just £4.99 and lasting ages as well!



7 thoughts on “Make-Up Removal: Cleansing wipes VS. Micellar Cleansing Water

      1. You’re so welcome huni – thank YOU so so much, what an amazing compliment! Hugely appreciated & glad it could be of some use 🙂 Have a fab week Xo


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