Beauty Bargain…Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tan Face Spray

I introduce to you one of my favourite bargain beauty products! Garnier_Ambre_Solaire_No_Streaks_Bronzer_Dry_Face_Mist___Original_Intense_75ml_1363771236

You don’t want to fake tan your face with the regular fake tan that you use on your body…guaranteed spot! This easy spray facial tanner is perfect. I just spray it on a clean, moisturised face a couple of times a week to retain a golden glow. I also find that it improves the look of my skin without make up on and evens out my skin tone. If I build up the colour enough by using every day it can be seen even when wearing foundation and looks really natural. I recommend this to everyone!!

A lot of my male friends complain about having tanned bodies but always loosing the colour in their faces so I always suggest this and it has become an essential on their limited beauty product shopping list!

This product is so easy to use as well, no mitts or tanning gloves required, just a quick spray..perfect for men and women!! At £8 it’s such a steal and it’s always on offer somewhere so shop around! It comes it two colours: light and dark. I have used both and even though I am quite pale skinned I found I achieved the best results with the dark colour.

I’ll be posting before and after pictures of this product soon so keep an eye out to see how great the results of this product are!

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