I WANT I WANT I WANT…make up you can wear at night!!!

It’s always a daunting moment when your staying over at your boyfriends house…taking your make up off and revealing what you actually look like..au natural. Au natural sounds all seductive and appealing and like your going to look like an elegant princess but the reality isn’t so tempting. I personally take up the technique of taking my make up off in the bathroom then running to bed in the dark in fear of being seen. But then what about in the morning?! Daylight fills the room and there is no where to hide!!!

Whilst in my dreams I look like a sleeping angel with pore-less perfected skin this is unfortunately not the case when I wake up and so trying to cover my face with the quilt in attempt to be a cute and enticing leaves me looking like a suffocated bunny.

Fear not, I have found an answer to my make up free woes: make up you can wear at night that is actually good for your skin!! I’m typing so fast because I am so excited at the thought!! Usually wearing make up to bed is a huge no no and fills you with dread when too many vodkas leaves you waking up with a fake eyelash on your cheek and your skin feeling like someone threw a cream cake at you nine hours ago.

This bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment is heaven sent and I am here to spread the word of this miracle!!! It claims to dramatically reduce the appearance of pores, improve skin tone and texture, and increase luminosity and I want some now!!!

I may not be able to look like a contoured queen with the perfect smokey eye when I sleep but I will be able to look like a skin perfected angel. For every make up lover I believe this is a revolutionary product. We never have to be make up free again!!

bare mins


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