Boys can wear makeup too!

Working in the beauty department of a big store, there are many times when I am standing around a little bored and what better is there to do than people watch to pass the time.

The other day I served a red faced boy after his girlfriend abruptly prompted him to ask about a skincare regime to get rid of a few spots that had appeared on his face. He quickly brought an expensive cleanser before rushing out of the shop.

STOP…there is no need to be embarrassed! I have noticed that more and more boys are coming in and asking about make up for coverage! Long gone are the days of make up for boys being a dodgy smudge of ‘guyliner’. Girls have the advantage of having the option to cover up skin imperfections so why shouldn’t boys?

I would also declare that packagings of coverage make up like foundations, powders and concealers are very unisex, emphasising that they are not just for girls. It is understandable that a lot of boys do not particularly want a heavily made up look or even look like they are wearing make up at all.

I would recommend any bare Minerals foundation. With over 20 shades you are bound to find a great match to your skin tone. A lot of foundations will clog your pores but the minerals in this are actually good for you! The incredibly lightweight formula will enhance the look of your skin whist appearing like you a not wearing a thing. There is even a foundation finder on their website so if you are too embarrassed to go into store then this is great for you!

Long gone are the days when boys didn’t take care of their appearance. No one will snigger at you buying make up, I see boys all the time coming into store and enquiring about make up so please do not fear the daunting make up counters!! Make up has the ability to increase the confidence of both men and women so make the most of the amazing products there are available.



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