Beauty Rip Off

I popped to MAC to quickly pick up my favourite foundation. Five extra products later I was leaving the shop nervous to check my bank balance but the excitement of my shiny new products swept my guilt away swiftly.

One of the products the unnerving sales assistant made me think I couldn’t live without was a make up brush cleanser. After being laughed at by my boyfriend for spending £12 on some glorified ‘soapy water’ I became overly defensive of my new wonder product and convinced myself even more that I was going to love and never be able to live without this miraculous water ever again.

THE DISAPPOINTMENT, THE DEFEAT – Usually I’ll use shampoo or baby shampoo to clean my make up brushes and am very happy with the result and the knowledge that I am not pouring pound coins down my bathroom sink. Expecting this expensive product to achieve enhanced results I was left disappointed. I found the product hard to use. With the cleansing water being the exact consistency of water, I so nervous I was using too much or not enough at the same time trying to use the small bottle sparingly.

In conclusion, I will not be spending £12 on some MAC water again. I’ll stick to my baby shampoo and maybe use the cleansing water after the shampoo just so it wasn’t a complete waste of money. After all, the cleansing part of its title makes me feel like I am doing good for my brushes. Looking after them as I would my own skin.

And I will not get over excited in the make up department and think I need everything. brush cleanser


3 thoughts on “Beauty Rip Off

  1. I’ve never used anything better then baby shampoo! In my opinion, this stuff is too harsh. Sometimes I’ll use dish soap and oil for a deep clean, I’ve tried so many products and baby shampoo is definitely the way to go!!

    xo Lo


  2. I love this post! It’s almost a great relief to know that not everything EVERY company markets is gold! Maybe take it back and tell them your were not happy with it and hopefully they could give you a credit


  3. This is great! Firstly, good on you for cleaning your makeup brushes! As a beauty therapist I can’t tell you how many people I encounter who don’t wash their makeup tools (In Australia anyway). Secondly, It’s refreshing to hear someone admit when the wizardry wonder talking of a sale assistant has gotten the better of them!


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