Make the most of your lipstick…Money saving trick!

Isn’t it annoying when a lipstick runs out but you can see there’s loads more in the base but it’s just unusable! I have such a simple trick to ensure that we use all of the product that we buy.

So when a lipstick runs to the base I scrape the remains in a little clear pot then use a cotton bud or lip brush to use from the pot and apply to my lips! It’s surprising how long the remainder of the lipstick lasts. Especially if it’s your favourite colour, it’s such a shame to say goodbye when there’s still so much more product to use!!




Thank you so much to everyone reading and liking my posts! I only started my beauty blog a few months ago and absolutely love spreading my insight and reading all your wise words surrounding the world of beauty!

Diva Curls


I’m usually a straight and sleek kind of girl when it comes to my hair but every now and then I like to release my inner Beyonce and have huge diva curls. I love big hair and it makes a nice change from the day to day look.


So in this picture I have used the BaByliss 2285CU Curling Wand Pro Styler which costs £25. To use this I section my hair as normal then take smaller sections and twist round the wand, hold in place for a few seconds and then release to reveal a springy curl. I then repeat for my the rest of my hair.

This wand does get really hot so I definitely recommend using the glove that comes with the pack to hold to hair in place as it is wrapped around the wand. After doing the whole head of head I sometimes look like a dodgy 90’s pop star so I comb the curls out a little and backcomb the roots for extra volume.

A lot of my friends use this wand and at £25 it’s such a steal to change up your everyday look once in a while!! They’re super easy to use as well and the curls stay put for ages. Mine last for a few days once I’ve curled them!

Review…Philosophy Micro-delivery Peel


At around £60, this skincare product is a bit on the pricey side. If I’m going to invest in something this expensive I like to know it actually works, which means reading up on review and trying to get some samples! Philosophy always have loads of samples to give out, as do many other brand counters so don’t be afraid to ask to try before you buy!!

So I don’t always believe in before and after photos so I have done my own for this product, using the same lighting, same everything to see if there was any difference after using this product.

phiosphy micro deliv

Sorry about my peculiar attire. Here is my before (left) and after I photo from using the micro-delivery peel. I do notice a slight difference and I felt a big difference in the texture of my skin. It felt silky soft and resurfaced after using the peel.

I love the idea of this product – a salon treatment you can use at home for a fraction of the price (works out just under £5 per peel which you do once a week which lasts 12 weeks). Boys can use it too, so why not share this one with your boyfriend?

Eeeek…Hair removal

miley underarm hair

It’s an embarrassing topic, something we might giggle with our girls about but even braving the hair removal isles in shops can leave me red-faced. Why do we find it so embarrassing, we all have body hair. You may think your the hairiest girl out there but I always like to think there’s worse as I make my way to get my torturous monthly wax.

Miley maybe embracing her body hair recently but the thought of wearing a sleeveless top having forgot to sort out our underarm hair would quite possibly be leaving the rest of us with the feeling of sheer embarrassment.

As a girl who likes to be body hair-free I have tried many methods for multiple parts of my body of which I will share my hair-free wisdom with you. Of course I would love to get everything lazered off but my student loan doesn’t stretch that far so I’ll tell you how a girl on a budget deals with her hair removal…

Underarms… So this can be a real problem. Shave them in the morning and 12 hours later I feel like I have got five o’clock shadow. When shaving my underarms they never feel completely hair free. There’s always a dark patch left which is such a pain in summer. Imagine seductively lifting your top off and revealing dark patches under your arms..Mortifying. I tend to get mine waxed. A bit of a downside is having to let them grow long enough before a wax but after that they remain smooth for so much longer and the hairs grow back a lot finer which you will find with a lot of waxing. Great for holidays and the summer especially so you don’t have to worry about taming this area everyday. You’ll be happy to hear that underarm waxing is one of the most pain free areas to wax as well!

Arms… People often think I’m weird when I say I get rid of my arm hair but although they aren’t really hairy my hair is dark and I was always very self-conscious about them. So I know it’s a big no-no but I used to shave them. Now I hair removal cream them about every 2-3 weeks. I think there’s a big misconception that my arm hair will grow back thicker and faster but I haven’t noticed this at all. Hair removal cream may smell a bit freaky but it is cheap and easy to use!

Legs… I have only ever tried shaving. It’s quick and cheap and you don’t have to wait for regrowth! I love the Venus Spa Breeze razor which has two little moisturising pads which make my legs silky soft! I change the razor head for this when the moisture pads run out which is usually after a few weeks. I hate my legs feeling stubbly so I’ll shave every couple of days just to keep them perfectly smooth.

Down Below…It’s so awkward using words for this area, I feel like a little kid when I talk about it, I just can’t say the proper words unless I whisper or pull a face. Anyway I have tried shaving, hair removal cream and waxing for this and I cannot stress how good waxing is for this region. For ten minutes of pain I feel like a polished and perfected goddess for the next month. Shaving this area is so hard to maintain, it’s stubbly, rashy, just bleughh. Hair removal cream still leaves some reckless hairs around as well I find. I now have a Hollywood (all off) wax once a month and it might be extremely distressing; I won’t lie it is very painful but the results last ages, the regrowth is so much finer and the appearance is so much better than when you shave. It might be more costly and granted, it’s not for everyone, but I think it’s worth it.

Hair removal is such a pain but I feel so much more polished and like I know what I’m doing in life when I am soft and silky!

The favourite step in your make up routine…we all have one!


I was just watching vlog and the vlogger mentioned that her favourite step in her makeup routine was putting on blusher.

It is so true when it comes to doing our makeup there are stages we love and stages we dread.  For me personally, I love to contour. After all the hard work is done after applying and blending foundation and powder then the fun can really start with the contouring process where the face starts to come alive.

The stage I dread, I’m sure many of you can relate to me… it has to be the eyebrows. Sisters not twins but it is still so frustrating when one is higher than the other…how does that even happen?

I would love this know what your most and least favourite stages in your makeup routine are!